Call Beeper v.3.2 released

Major changes in version 3.2:

  1. Optimized program size.
  2. New languages: Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Hindi.
  3. Fixed bugs.



Call Beeper v.3.1 released

Major changes in version 3.1:

  1. Improved smart analyzer of the beginning of an outgoing call.
  2. Separated Vibration and Sound.
  3. No more Ads.
  4. Fixed significant bugs.



Call Beeper v.2.2 released


  1. Added wake lock
  2. Fixed known bugs

Call Beeper v.2.1 released

Main changes in version 2.1:

  1. Fixed important time leak bug.
  2. Some usability improvements

Call Beeper v.2.0 released

Main changes in version 2.0:

  1. Smart analyzer of the beginning of an outgoing call. The clock starts from the beginning of talk, not the start of the call.
  2. Auto Hang Up feature. Now you can configure a call time limit with auto hangup.
  3. Vibration in sound effects.



Call Beeper v.1.0 released

Call Beeper lets you make your calls more effective by helping to plan the time of your call.
During the call, the application sends you an alarm by a pre-configured tasks.
We have developed the most flexible and thought out configuration of notification.

Many operators round the time of the call, as well as cost is calculated differently depending on the duration of the call. With Call Beeper you can configure notifications about the current time and to plan the duration of your call.

For example, my operator rounds up the cost of a call to minutes.
If the time of my talk will be about 5 seconds, 25 or 55, I still pay the same price.
I set up Call Beeper to the notice within 50 seconds after the start of a call with repeats every minute.
Now for 10 seconds before beginning of a new minute I get a notice.
And if I think it's time to end the conversation, I have a time to quietly say goodbye and hang up.

Call Beeper has several predefined tasks to be notified every minute and at the beginning of the call. Now you do not have to worry about the duration of the call.

Call Beeper is a free application, but we have paid special attention to design and ease of use.
If you do not know whether you need an application, then just try it, it will complement your phone and you will definitely find it convenient.
Moreover, it is totally free and you can always completely remove it.



Download it here or at market:




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